The Industry Leader in Interview Recording Systems

Interview Room and Court Recording Systems

Precise Digital is the industry leader in any type of system for Interview Room recording systems.

We have installed and capture audio and video for thousands of rooms in police stations, law offices, court rooms, child advocacy centers, jails, city council chambers, educational facilities, you name it and we have installed a system there.

We are one of the top national distributors for FTR (For the Record) systems as well as many others and we are the master distributor for Voxlog.

We also provide the nation’s best single and multiple room interview room software and hardware solutions with our InVidiaSR systems that allow you to record and retrieve information for cases seamlessly.

We provide fantastic training, installation and support.

Our flagship system only requires the push of a simple button located on a wall to start the recording process. We install state-of-the-art HD pinhole cameras and microphones that can pick up a whisper.

Our competitive pricing is the best in the nation and we have GSA pricing as well. This makes ordering from us quick and easy.

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