Covid and Courtroom Proceedings

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As we deal with the realities of the pandemic, not all courtroom proceedings can exist the way we’d really want them to.  Trials that may have occupied a single courtroom for months, many now have to be spaced out over several courtrooms.  In Syracuse, New York, there is an ongoing murder trial, according to Local SYR that has spread itself over four separate courtrooms, holding the judge, prosecution and defense, and private citizens personally connected to the case.  This presents a significant challenge to all parties involved to make sure the trial proceeds in a fair and just way.

In an instance like this, it will be crucial to rely on audio and visual equipment so that the various parties can communicate in an efficient and effective way.  Simply hooking the devices up to WiFi could result in signal delay or drop outs, which can severely impact the proceedings and their impact on the jury.  When details matter, you need detailed equipment.  The quality of video and audio must be up to, and even exceedings standards, along with proper data storage so that nothing will go unrecorded.

While the technical details may be beyond that of the judge, hiring professionals to install this equipment is crucial.  This is an instance where there is very little margin for error.  When people’s futures are on the line, and justice must be served, only the best equipment is suitable.

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