DUI Fatality Trends By State

The latest data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is interesting.  Approximately 1 in 10 arrests nationally are related to impaired driving.

In 2021 traffic fatalities (42,939) and people killed in alcohol-impaired-driving crashes (13,384) were more than in 2012. The percentage of alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities in 2021 remained the same at 31
percent. The States with the highest alcohol-impaired-driving fatality percentages in 2021 were Montana (44%), followed by Texas (42%).

This may be due to rural areas with long distances between towns and cities make it difficult for people to get home without driving, a culture of drinking and driving that is more tolerant of impaired driving and a lack of public transportation options makes it difficult to get home without driving.

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