Our For The Record system is now using Blockchain Technology

Precise Digital FTR blockchain

In a world first, For The Record has announced that it can now provide authors of court audio the ability to digitally sign their recordings using the immutability of blockchain technology.
The process of verifying a recording starts with the FTR Gold recording software saving the file in a proprietary multi-channel .trm file format every five minutes.
An encrypted digital signature of the file is then created and saved to a shared, public blockchain record within seconds.
Users of the FTR court recording are then able to validate their FTR verified recording against the blockchain. Here shared access is given to the encrypted signatures only.
When playing back a file via an FTR online service such as Court.fm and FTR Web Player, its integrity is automatically verified against the public record of the digital signature.

Precise Digital is a Gold Level Dealer/Distributor and we can handle all of your FTR For The Record needs.

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